Prego | Modern Fusion Dining Experience

At Prego, we strive to combine gourmet indulgence with universal appeal. With this mission in mind, we have distinctively crafted a dining experience drawn from the influences of Modern Global Fusion Cuisines, with unique emphasize on Asian elements, accompanied by hints of Indian and European.

Encompassing a diverse array of countries, cultures and cuisines, modern Asian is an unparalleled force in the contemporary foodscape. Fused with American, English and European influences, this culinary category ranges from high end gastronomy, such as our Signature Black Rock N Roll Sushi with Golden Flakes, to playfully innovative dishes, like our Japanese and Thai Combination Guacamole with Handcrafted Asian Chips, prepared Live, tableside. With an almost endless supply of cooking inspiration to draw from, there’s no stopping this colourful and creative cuisine.

Across the same spectrum we have presented a regional edge to the dining experience by incorporating flavours of Indian and Modern European into the culinary mix as well. Dine on our Siganture Kerala Fried Prawns with a twist of Edamame Pachadi. Savour our Homemade Squid Ink Seafood Pappardelle Aglio Olio.

For scintillating gourmet indulgence, come and experience dining, the Fenicia way!